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Can I use Scholly to find scholarships for schools outside of the United States? At this time, Scholly only supports scholarships for students that are currently studying or are planning on studying in the United States.

As an international student, can I use Scholly to find scholarships for schools in the United States? Yes! When filling out your profile, make sure to select ‘No’ under the ‘U.S. Citizen’ parameter.

Can I find scholarships for Associate’s degrees? Bachelor’s degrees? Graduate degrees? Yes, to all of the above!

What is the minimum grade level I need to be in order to use Scholly? Students can start using Scholly as early as 9th grade.

Can Scholly help me find scholarships for high school or middle school? Nope, Scholly only matches students with scholarships for post-secondary and above.

How do I apply for a scholarship? Once you find a scholarship that you’re interested in, select it, and click ‘Apply Here’. You’ll be taken to the scholarship’s website, where you can find instructions about how to apply to the scholarship and the scholarship’s application. Continue to use Scholly’s scholarship management tools to keep your progress organized.

Are there scholarships for non-traditional students or adult learners? Yes! Non-traditional students and adult learners can get matched with hundreds of scholarship opportunities on Scholly, as long as the student is pursuing a degree-granting program. Scholly does not have any age requirement.

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