Happy PRIDE from all of us here at Scholly!

Our credo is “opportunity for all,” and we’re proud to extend our warmest support, allyship, and advocacy to the LGBTQ+ communitythis month and always.

With PRIDE month in full swing (and a week left to celebrate), we thought we’d share two of our favorite LGBTQ+ scholarship opportunities.

Click on the name of the scholarship for more information and directions for exactly how to apply.

Easy Scholarship: Support the LGBTQ+ Community

Amount: $2,000

Due Date: June 30, 2019 (Hurry, you still have time!)

Quick Facts: This scholarship is awarded by DoSomething.org, which is assembling an amazing, crowdsourced guide full of LGBTQ+ and allyship tips and resources that they plan to send to students around the country.

Submit your tip for the guide and you’ll immediately be entered to win a $2,000 scholarship!

According to DoSomething.Org, “roughly one-third of LGBTQ+ students have skipped school over safety concerns related to bullying or harassment,” so please help by submitting your tip. You can make a huge impact this way, even if you don’t win this time around!

LGBTQ Scholarship For Senior High School Students

Amount: $500

Due Date: August 1, 2019

Quick Facts: The LGBTQ Support and Social Group USA awards a yearly college scholarship to a rising college freshman in the LGBTQ+ community, supported by fundraising efforts throughout the year.

You must have documented volunteer work at an LGBTQ+ support group or organization, and will need to complete a short essay to be eligible.

Sharing is Caring!

We highly encourage you to submit to and share these opportunities. If you’re not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, please pass them along to someone who could use the extra support!

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