Available on iOS, coming soon to Android and Web.

As you may already know, our scholarship search database is the heart of Scholly, and it’s already helped students win over $100 million in scholarship money for college. 

While we continue to add all kinds of amazing tools to the Scholly Platform, Scholly Search is our core product, and it’s just gotten a massive upgrade. 

Scholly Search has a new look and feel, is now easier to use than ever, and is optimized to provide you the most hyper-personalized scholarship matches to date. 

Scroll down for a quick look at a few of the updates we’re most excited about and some tips along the way. Can’t wait to see what’s new? Click below for more!


We’re pumped about this update because we’ve significantly built upon our award-winning, curated list of scholarships and matching capabilities to help you find the scholarships you have the greatest chance of winning.

Your profile will always be the place to begin a scholarship search, but now Categories does the heavy lifting to get you the strongest matches possible. 

Our formerly exhaustive list of parameters is now broken down into clear, easy-to-use categories that allow you to paint a complete and vivid picture of yourself. The more accurate sense you share with us based on the options available, the better scholarship opportunities we can provide you, and you know what that means… a higher chance at winning more free money for school!

Quick Tips for Using Categories:

  • Fill out everything! Don’t skip categories unless they don’t pertain to you at all.
  • Each category has several subcategories, allowing you to dive deeper and provide more details that will match you to more scholarships!
  • Remember to update categories if any of your information changes, so that we can keep providing you the most accurate matches. 

Matched/Saved Screens (and now Applied!)

Once you fill out your Profile and Categories, you’ll be taken to your Matched Scholarships screen, showing the total value of the scholarships you’ve been matched to (which is exciting!). 

This is similar to the previous version, since you’ll still see the total value of the scholarship as well as your Scholly Score. As a reminder, your Scholly Score is generated based on your selected categories, the scholarship’s criteria, and the competition for that scholarship. The higher the score, the stronger the match!



But now, you’re also able to see the due date for a scholarship to make tracking your progress and submission timeline even easier. Click on the scholarship to view it and you’ll be taken to our brand new in-app browser, making navigation a piece of cake.

Previously, we only had “Matched” and “Saved” screens for your scholarships. We’ve added a new “Applied” screen as well, so you can keep a closer eye on scholarships you’ve applied for and when you submitted your application.

If you save any of your scholarship matches for later, they’ll be moved over to your “Saved” screen where you can keep better track of them. Want to get back to your list of scholarship matches? Just hit “Saved” again and you’ll be taken right to them! 

Scholarship Winning Tips

Take advantage of other tools for your education

As a Scholly member, Search is just one of the amazing tools that’s included in your membership. You’ll also gain unlimited access to Scholly Editor and Scholly Math, setting you up for total academic success! 

Straight from the Scholly Search app, you can click Scholly Math or Scholly Editor to be taken to those tools! Keep in mind that Scholly Editor is not available on mobile, so check it out on a desktop or laptop.